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Expressive Arts

Gannon University

CRSE Competencies 3, 8

Course Description

Through analysis and evaluation of works of art, this course emphasizes the relationship among aesthetic reasoning, diverse perspectives, and the science of learning. Participants will use the arts as a means for expressing and communicating their developing ideas, experiences and feelings about themselves and the diverse world in which we live. Active experiences with various media, strategies, technology, and resources will lead to the discussion of culturally relevant and sustaining education practices that will support all learners. By the end of the course, participants will have a set of resource materials and strategies for integrating the arts across the curriculum and in the daily lives of learners.

Why was this course your focus?

“I chose to revise the syllabus for EDCR 302 Expressive Arts. It’s a course that is focused on education majors but open to other majors. It’s typically been taught by an adjunct professor. We have already done some revision of our other syllabi and this is a good opportunity for me to revise this one. It’s a hands-on, experience-based course with applications to interdisciplinary teaching. Participants are exposed to both performing and non-performing arts in this course and they will create lesson plans using arts to engage students with content and emotional responses. The course must follow our liberal core guidelines for a fine arts class.

  1. Identify the elements involved in creating artistic works.
  2. Apply appropriate strategies to interpret and assess artistic experiences and works.
  3. Analyze a diversity of artistic works within the context of various cultural and historical epochs.”

These two artifacts present syllabi content in an alternative visual format and highlight the range of artwork that students in the course explore, respectively.

Meet the Teacher Educator

Dr. Leigh Forbes

Associate Professor of Education and Associate Dean of the College of Education, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Gannon University

Expressive Arts

Course Type



CRSE3 Real World Experiences

CRSE8 High Expectations

Content Area

Arts education, Interdisciplinary Instruction


Mid-program, Undergraduate


Accessibility statement, Identity/pronoun statement, Language diversity statement, Resource statements, Land acknowledgement, Teaching philosophy


CRSE focus