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Reading/Writing Methods 1: PreK-Grade 1

University of Pittsburgh

CRSE Competencies 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8

Course Description

This course is intended for teacher candidates who are pursuing PreK-4 certification. It is the first in a two-course sequence that focuses on classroom teaching methods for literacy. It is also part of a set of courses that focuses on classroom teaching methods for literacy. It is also part of a set of courses that focus on literacy development and instruction. Other courses in the set include Reading/Writing Methods 2: Grades 2-4, Language and Literature for the Young Child, and Literacy Assessment and Instruction for Children with Disabilities in Inclusive Settings. Teacher candidates in Reading/Writing Methods 1 will have opportunities to build their knowledge about specific aspects of literacy, including: (a) oral language development, (b) emergent literacy, (c) concepts about print, (d) comprehension, and (e) writing. In addition, candidates will learn about specific instructional approaches and resources for supporting students in developing those aspects of literacy in PreK-Grade 1.

Why was this course your focus?

“I revised TLL 1208/2208 Reading and Writing Methods: PreK-grade 1. This is the initial reading methods course in our PK-4 certification programs. Most of the students are from a dual PK-4/special education certification program and are seniors in a kindergarten pre-student teaching placement. There are always a few graduate students in our PK-4 certification program in a PK or K pre-student teaching placement. This past term I also had a student in our PK-12 graduate, Special Education certification program. This is my favorite course I teach as I can pull in my background from being a classroom teacher, reading specialist and literacy coach. I think this course is critical in the preparation of future teachers to be well prepared to teach literacy to our youngest.”


This artifact is a lesson plan template, incorporating CRSE, for PreK-4th grade general education teachers.

Meet the Teacher Educator

Dr. Michelle Sobolak

Director of Teacher Education and Associate Professor of Practice

University of Pittsburgh

Reading/Writing Methods 1: PreK-Grade 1

Course Type



CRSE1 Cultural Lens

CRSE2 Bias

CRSE3 Real World Experiences

CRSE4 Equitable and Differentiated Opportunities

CRSE6 Family/Community Engagement

CRSE8 High Expectations

Content Area

Literacy, Elementary


Cross-listed, Early-program, Mid-program


Accessibility statement, Identity/pronoun statement, Language diversity statement, Resource statements, Land acknowledgement, Teaching philosophy