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Special Education Practicum

La Salle University

CRSE Competencies 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Course Description

Elementary Education teacher candidates complete 13 weeks of student teaching (M-F) gradually assuming full control of the classroom, including planning, teaching, classroom management and fulfillment of professional responsibilities. Special Education practicum teacher candidates complete 13 weeks of student teaching assuming the responsibilities for one or two academic courses or two separate class periods requiring the writing of no more than two daily lesson plans. In addition, candidates gradually assume the responsibilities in areas such as IEP monitoring, planning, teaching, and classroom management. All candidates are formally observed at least four times (one may also include a self-reflective observation by the student). Supervisor will complete Student Teacher Observation/Evaluation Danielson Short Form for three observations. The final observation will be evaluated using Danielson Long Form. Conferences, including teacher candidate (Danielson Long Form completed), cooperating teacher (Danielson Short Form (#1), Danielson Long Form (#2) completed) and University supervisor (PDE 430 completed), will be convened at mid-term and end of semester. In accordance with the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Culturally Relevant-Sustaining Education (CRSE) Program Framework Guidelines (2022), professional educators must demonstrate nine (CRSE) Competencies. This course will support teacher candidates’ development in, at least, two areas based on an individualized professional development plan and culture of study project.

Why was this course your focus?

“I revised EDC 478, Special Education Practicum, Early Elementary and Special Education Dual major program (undergraduate), cross-listed with EDC 662 Elementary and Special Education Student Teaching (graduate). I wanted to use the opportunity to leverage my experience engaged in supervision of student teachers and the knowledge of the community of practice to create a blueprint for culturally responsive student teacher /pre-student teacher supervision.”


This artifact showcases major course topics and assignments, including weekly journal entries.

Meet the Teacher Educator

Rochelle Peterson-Ansari M.ED

Teacher Educator and CEO of Perceptions Unlimited, LLC

La Salle University

Special Education Practicum

Course Type



CRSE1 Cultural Lens

CRSE2 Bias

CRSE3 Real World Experiences

CRSE4 Equitable and Differentiated Opportunities

CRSE5 Asset-Based Perspectives

CRSE6 Family/Community Engagement

CRSE7 Linguistic Diversity

CRSE8 High Expectations

Content Area

Special Education


Cross-listed, End-of-program


Accessibility statement, Identity/pronoun statement, Language diversity statement, Resource statements, Land acknowledgement


Field placement