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Teaching for Learning (K-12)

Arcadia University

CRSE Competencies 1, 2

Course Description

This course is designed to introduce students to the intersection of school and society, with an emphasis on exploring the facets of social justice education. Macro and micro forces in education impacting teaching and learning will be explored and will be illuminated in fieldwork, course experiences, and assignments.

Why was this course your focus?

“I chose ED110, Teaching for Learning, to develop because this is a foundational course that many of our certification programs build upon. So, this was a good space to infuse foundational concepts of CRSE into all of our programs. Secondly, this course also has Stage 1 Field work, which allows students with the professor to unpack what they are observing and the kinds of engagement with K12 students using the CRSE framework as a lens.”


This artifact describes a field assignment in which students conduct a listening project with young people. Students explore the questions, “Are schools sites of social reproduction or social transformation? What do young people know about an important school/social issue, and how did they come to learn it?”

Meet the Teacher Educator

Dr. Marc Brasof

Associate Professor

Arcadia University

Teaching for Learning (K-12)

Course Type



CRSE1 Cultural Lens

CRSE2 Bias

Content Area

Elementary, Secondary


Early-program, Undergraduate


Accessibility statement, Land acknowledgement


CRSE focus, Field placement