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Teaching Globally and Locally in a Diverse World

University of Pittsburgh

CRSE Competencies 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9

Course Description

In this course we will critically engage in discussions and assignments that help us to better understand the complex factors that impact education in the United States today, with an emphasis on Urban Education. A review of past teaching policies and practices will support a better understanding of the American schooling system in the 21st Century. In the Teaching Globally and Locally in a Diverse World class pre-service teachers will: (a) discuss strategies for teaching all children in a responsive, equitable manner, using Culturally Relevant Sustaining Education Competencies, (b) learn to analyze the impact that marginalization has on children and their learning, (c) investigate the impact that race, culture, religion, language, gender, and socioeconomic status have on a child’s education, and (d) review school reform and policy practices that have created the various types of schools and educational opportunities available to students in the United States. Knowing that the landscape of education is changing in the United States we will discuss the globalization of schooling in our society, along with the need for a higher technological understanding to prepare children for success in today’s world. This course helps to prepare students to apply knowledge specifically to their teaching practice as they begin their field experiences.

Why was this course your focus?

“I chose to revise HHD 1005 Teaching Globally and Locally in a Diverse World. This class is a required class as part of the Combined Accelerated Studies in Education (CASE) teacher prep track of the B.S. in Applied Developmental Psychology in the Department of Health and Human Development. Students in other programs can take the class as an elective. I chose to review this course since it is the fourth in a series of social justice and equity focused courses in the CASE program. I thought that it was important to review what is taught in the other 3 courses and a lot of focus discussion areas in those courses could be brought together here and then used to build lessons with CRSE Competencies.”

Meet the Teacher Educator

Dr. Anna Arlotta-Guerrero

Associate Professor of Practice

University of Pittsburgh

Teaching Globally and Locally in a Diverse World

Course Type



CRSE1 Cultural Lens

CRSE2 Bias

CRSE3 Real World Experiences

CRSE4 Equitable and Differentiated Opportunities

CRSE5 Asset-Based Perspectives

CRSE6 Family/Community Engagement

CRSE8 High Expectations

CRSE9 Exclusionary Behaviors

Content Area

Education in the U.S. and Abroad


Early-program, Undergraduate


Accessibility statement, Resource statements, Teaching philosophy


CRSE focus