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The Penn State Teacher Education Performance Framework

Penn State University

CRSE Competencies 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Program Element Description

I worked on this framework project with my colleagues across the university. We plan to add indicators for each standard that address program-specific expectations and a more micro-level of CRSE Competencies. Students will learn about these standards throughout the courses in their programs and be equipped to perform/demonstrate these standards when they are in the field. Supervisors and instructors will continuously and consistently support students and mentors with implementation.

Why was this program element your focus?

“I did not revise a course per se, as did many others in the community of practice, but I revised our Teacher Education Performance Framework and the teacher candidate assessment that goes along with it. These templates are used throughout the Curriculum and Instruction programs (Elementary and Early Childhood Education, Middle Level Education, Secondary Education, and World Language Education) at Penn State (on each campus that offers the programs).”

Meet the Teacher Educator

Dr. Alicia McDyre

Director of Curriculum and Instruction Field Experience (CIFE) and Associate Teaching Professor of Education in the Curriculum and Instruction Program

Penn State University

The Penn State Teacher Education Performance Framework

Course Type

Program Element


CRSE1 Cultural Lens

CRSE2 Bias

CRSE3 Real World Experiences

CRSE4 Equitable and Differentiated Opportunities

CRSE5 Asset-Based Perspectives

CRSE6 Family/Community Engagement

CRSE7 Linguistic Diversity

CRSE8 High Expectations

CRSE9 Exclusionary Behaviors

Content Area





Field placement